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Corporate CTQ Drilldown

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A review of how to align a project opportunity to the overall business strategy and needs by understanding the business CTQs in a CTQ Drilldown.

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  • Comment Link Matt Hansen Jan 10, 2017 posted by Matt Hansen

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Doug. I hear your point and do agree how "Interested Parties" is more inclusive of other potential groups, but I still favor shareholders here. My reason is because I purposely wanted to be less ambiguous and not inclusive by using the term "shareholders".

    As a "corporate" drilldown, it reflects a more corporate structure and is more distinctive from customers and employees who may be interested parties but who are already separately identified in this drilldown and intentionally distinct from these owners. Plus, shareholders are the business owners, so I believe it can also easily translate to smaller non-publicly traded companies. Granted, this drilldown model is not intended to fit 100% of organizations, but is meant to be a model or guideline so that folks can adapt it to their own organization and whatever framework best supports them.

    Regardless, thanks for checking it out and providing your insightful feedback!

  • Comment Link Doug Clark Jan 9, 2017 posted by Doug Clark

    Hi Matt,

    I agree that Shareholders are important but this does not apply to all organizations. There is a term in the certification industry (i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.) that is used - INTERESTED PARTIES - that may be a better term to consider. Interested parties are the shareholders, business owners, employees, neighbours, etc. I agree that projects that affect the 'bottom line' are of prime importance, but I don't think we should exclude projects that can have a positive impact of key indicators for these other interested parties. Thoughts?


  • Comment Link Matt Hansen Nov 25, 2015 posted by Matt Hansen

    Thanks Nafisa, I appreciate that!

  • Comment Link nafisa mahmoud Nov 25, 2015 posted by nafisa mahmoud


  • Comment Link Matt Hansen Jun 23, 2015 posted by Matt Hansen

    Diane, sorry you were having trouble with that. I just tested it now by clicking the "View Slides" link and it works fine. It creates a pop-up window that streams the slide content used in the videos.

    If you're not seeing the pop-up window, it may be because pop-ups are blocked in your browser. You can either try unblocking pop-ups in that browser or try a different browser (like Chrome, Firefox, or IE).

    If you get a pop-up but don't see the streaming slides, then it may mean you don't have access to view content from (the site that hosts the slides). To test that, try opening a new tab or window to directly go to If you can't access that site, then perhaps it's restricted. You may need to contact your Web Administrator and ask them to "white list" for you so that you can access it.

    The last thing I'd try is to see if you can access another video and click on the "View Slides" link there. If that has the same problem, then it must be a connection issue on your end. But if you can access it, then it may be a problem in the link on my site.

    If none of these help, then please send me a direct email with details about the error you're encountering. You can send a message from the Contact Us page here:

  • Comment Link Diane Moores Jun 18, 2015 posted by Diane Moores

    Hi Matt-

    I logged in, but was unable to see anything displayed when I went to view slides for CTQ Drilldown Intermediate.


  • Comment Link Matt Hansen Apr 16, 2015 posted by Matt Hansen

    Thanks Eve. No, there was no toe-stepping here. :) I really appreciate your feedback and am aware of the music issues. It is on my to-do list to hopefully fix in the near future. The music does get softer in the later videos so although it's not completely gone yet, it should make it a little easier to hear. Thanks for your checking out StatStuff!

  • Comment Link Eve Nsubuga Apr 15, 2015 posted by Eve Nsubuga


    Thanks Matt for this wonderful information! Am happy to have got this information, however, the only challenge is the music in the back ground! As you notice, many people "....." focus best when it silent but listening to the training video and then the music, makes it so hard! Hopefully I dint step your toe.
    Oh how I wish you eliminate the music , it will be awesome, incredible and Super.

    Thanks Matt.. Will continue reading but finding difficulties with focusing.


  • Comment Link Matt Hansen Feb 20, 2015 posted by Matt Hansen

    Thanks Paula, I really appreciate the feedback! I'm so glad it's been a help to our friends in Brazil!

  • Comment Link Everton Paula Feb 19, 2015 posted by Everton Paula

    Thanks for sharing and spreading the knowledge about LSS! It's really adding value to our lives!!! Hugs from Brazil!

  • Comment Link Matt Hansen Dec 1, 2014 posted by Matt Hansen

    Thanks so much for the great feedback, Wesley. I'm so glad the book has been a great resources as you learn LSS. And the videos may be starting & stopping because of the internet connection speeds. I recently set them up to download HD quality when possible, so the extra data to download may be causing some sluggishness on slower connections.

  • Comment Link Wesley Tam Dec 1, 2014 posted by Wesley Tam


    Sometimes, the videos stop and start again. The videos work and just take a little awhile to complete them.

    I am following your book right now with the videos. It helps me retained the information alot better. When I went through your videos the first times in the beginner level, I was too busy taking notes. What a big mistake that I did!!!

    Now, I am so thankful to have your book. It is just a great investment. I have learned to think more strategically about business performance metrics from just watching this video.

    Now, I understand that you are teaching us how to think strategically about the business rather than just memorizing tools and techniques.

    Thanks a bunch, Matt.

  • Comment Link Matt Hansen Nov 17, 2014 posted by Matt Hansen

    Sorry you are having trouble accessing the videos. They seem to be working fine so I think the problem may be your inability to access, the site that hosts the StatStuff videos. If you can, please check out the video troubleshooting page that can walk you through ways to find the problem: If you continue to have troubles with it, then please submit a note with the details about the error here: Thanks!

  • Comment Link Hella Radwan Nov 17, 2014 posted by Hella Radwan

    Hello, all videos seem to be inaccessible? Please check, thank you!
    It says:
    That wasn't supposed to happen. Please try again in a few minutes."

  • Comment Link Matt Hansen Oct 28, 2014 posted by Matt Hansen

    Gowrish, thanks for the feedback! Sorry you're having trouble with the slides. I hadn't heard of any problems with them lately and just confirmed now that they're working fine. When clicking on the link, it opens a new window, so I wonder if pop-ups are being disabled? If that's not it, can you try opening them from another browser? I just confirmed they work in Chrome. If the problem persists, then feel free to email me ( more details such as browser type, which training video won't display the slides, or any other details that may help. Thanks!

  • Comment Link Gowrish Rai Oct 28, 2014 posted by Gowrish Rai

    Hi Matt,
    I am unable to view slides even when logged in.

    On a different note, very informative piece. Thanks for the same.

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