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Developing a Project Strategy Using IPO-FAT Tool

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A review of how to build a strategy for a project and how the IPO-FAT tool can be used for developing that strategy.

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  • Comment Link Matt Hansen May 14, 2015 posted by Matt Hansen

    Thanks for the feedback, Dan, I'm glad it was a help!

  • Comment Link Dan Hansen May 13, 2015 posted by Dan Hansen

    I love the IPO-FAT tool. So many people (including yours truly) begin by looking at the process to see what can be fixed without first looking at the inputs. And reducing the inputs can put less strain on the process, thereby making it easier to improve when we get to that point. Makes a lot of sense!

  • Comment Link Matt Hansen Mar 18, 2015 posted by Matt Hansen

    Venanzio, I don't know if you realized it, but you kinda answered your own question. You "measure the actual state" in the Measure phase of the DMAIC methodology. The measure phase is essential for collecting the data for the process you're trying to improve and to ensure you can reliably trust that collected data. Once that's done, then you move on to the Analyze phase to understand the root causes for the problem you're trying to fix.

    If you haven't already checked it out, I explain each phase of DMAIC in more detail in this video: Hopefully that will help put all the pieces together for you.

  • Comment Link Venanzio Figliolino Mar 17, 2015 posted by Venanzio Figliolino

    Hi Matt,
    during the vision of the slides I understand that the building of the right measure of the improvement for sustaining them in future are done after the improvement activities.

    What about the tools necessary to measure the actual state? Before of improvement activity?

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