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The only FREE source for complete Lean Six Sigma training!


These consultants are Lean Six Sigma (LSS) experts (a.k.a., Master Black Belts or MBBs) who are highly qualified and willing to help you meet your LSS consultation needs. These MBBs have a wealth of experience in successfully using LSS in a variety of businesses and across many different industries. They thrive on mentoring others about LSS and can be hired to help you learn about some LSS tools, or to offer guidance in applying LSS at your organization, or even to earn credit toward earning a LSS Black Belt or Green Belt certification from StatStuff. 

To learn more about StatStuff's Certification Program, check out these resources:

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Chandrashekar Vishwanathan
"Vishy" is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black and CIPM (Certified International Project Manager). Complet..
Ex Tax: $100.00
Ed Croteau
Ed has a long and diverse history in successfully leading Lean Six Sigma in a variety of organizatio..
Ex Tax: $150.00
John Huegel
John has experience in defining, executing and mentoring projects. He has developed corporate progra..
Ex Tax: $100.00
Matt Hansen
Matt is the host of the 100+ free videos teaching Lean Six Sigma at, the only free sou..
Ex Tax: $200.00

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