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The only FREE source for complete Lean Six Sigma training!

Lean Six Sigma The StatStuff Way: A Practical Reference Guide for Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma The StatStuff Way: A Practical Reference Guide for Lean Six Sigma
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**BULK ORDERS of 10 or more books can get $25 off per book and free shipping within the U.S.  Just use coupon code BULK10BOOX in the shopping cart (this requires you to be logged in and is only for orders shipped within the U.S.). Since the training content is completely free, there is no separate book discount for educational, governmental, or non-profit organizations. For bulk orders to be shipped outside the U.S., please contact us describing how many you want to order and the address where they will be shipped. is the only FREE resource for complete Lean Six Sigma training. StatStuff is frequently used and endorsed worldwide by many leaders in Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Sprint, PepsiCo, eBay, Bank of America, Staples, Honeywell, DuPont, SunTrust Banks, BP, Wells Fargo, etc. Some of their comments include:

  • "StatStuff provides a wealth of information that is extremely helpful..."
  • "Excellent content that's easy to understand with practical applications to make each concept real and relevant..."
  • "StatStuff is a commendable initiative and after watching your videos I feel mastered in Lean and Six Sigma concepts...The quality of information and the way each video is organized and concepts illustrated are the best I have ever seen for a training video."

What is Lean Six Sigma? If you ask 10 different experts, you're likely to get 12 different answers. But Lean Six Sigma doesn't have to be so difficult to explain or understand. It is simply a way of using data to solve problems and make businesses more profitable. is a resource that attempts to demystify the complex tools and concepts of Lean Six Sigma with practical ways to apply them to any business. Specifically, StatStuff has over 100 online videos that teach these tools and concepts and makes them freely available to the public. This softbound book is a practical reference guide that compiles all of the written and illustrated content from the StatStuff training videos. Its 370 pages are filled with the same full-color illustrations used in the videos and can be a perfect resource to complement what you're learning from the videos. 

Have you already taken advantage of the free training videos from StatStuff? If so, then you already know it can be difficult to take notes or remember the many details covering the Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts. Rather than re-watching each video to review the tools again, you can make more effective and efficient use of your time by getting the book "Lean Six Sigma the StatStuff Way".

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