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The only FREE source for complete Lean Six Sigma training!

Endorsements for StatStuff

The training videos from StatStuff have helped so many people. Below are a few examples of the comments some people were kind enough to share.

"StatStuff provides a wealth of information that is extremely helpful. I will definitely share it with my colleagues."

R.W., Infrastructure Operations Analyst, PepsiCo

"I’ve been checking out some of the videos and am impressed with the quality and thoroughness!"

J.S., Sr. Business Development Rep, Minitab Inc.

"I truly enjoyed the videos. I love the way you explain some of these concepts."

W.D., Operational Excellence Director, eBay

"Thanks so much for sharing with us these training videos."

T.L., Order Management, Apple Inc.

"Excellent content that's easy to understand with practical applications to make each concept real and relevant. I wish I had this content when I was preparing for my certifications but it's great info to refer back to for reinforcement and reference."

J.G., SVP, Bank of America

"I am really impressed. The content is very clear to understand, there's a logical flow through the different tools and techniques, the examples are easy to relate to and you try to interact with the audience."

J.F., Process Design Specialist, BP

"I am sharing your website with my peers at my company. Love your videos on the site."

K.W., VP HR Business Partner, SunTrust Banks, Inc.


"I was extremely impressed that this resource is available. I plan to share this within the BPI organization at our company. Thanks for putting this together!"

D.M., Master Black Belt, The Nielsen Company


"Your videos are bang on. is a commendable initiative and after watching your videos I feel mastered in Lean and Six Sigma concepts. makes me feel rich in knowledge today and saved me at least $5000 I would have otherwise spent at a school to understand Six Sigma. The quality of information and the way each video is organized and concepts illustrated are the best I have ever seen for a training video."

S.K., Project Manager, Wells Fargo


"First I am overwhelmed with the generosity of Matt’s offering so much free. Rather than using a few of them as free teasers to entice us to purchase more of what he has available, when the previews are so good. They are all so good. Second, I know a lot of what Matt is teaching in his videos, I just can’t say it as clearly he can. So I’m watching them to get the same amazing clarity of communication. Third I simply feel gifted by all that Matt offers, and want to be able to as clearly gift to others what I know. Thank You Matt!”

B.B., Senior Systems Engineer – Control Systems,
UOP, A Honeywell Company

"I viewed your videos. Really good stuff."

M.C., Global Program Leader, DuPont


"StatStuff is Great Stuff!"

V.M., Head - Business Development & Migration,
Six Sigma Process Solutions (SSPS)

"Absolutely great videos. I have been teaching Six Sigma and Lean for 5 years and feel that your approach is very easy to follow and right on with the content. Your real world examples make the lessons clear, contributing to understanding at a deeper, more practical way. Thank you for making this available to the world. Many will benefit."

R.A., Dir of Continuous Improvement, Staples Inc.


"I used your videos to prepare for both my Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt certifications. The lessons and structure were easy to follow, clear and broken into digestible sections. They were a great help and I continue to reference them and refer them to others. I really appreciate the level of effort and time spent on putting this material together for use. Many thanks."

E.H., Dir of Op. Excellence, Cross Match Tech.

"Your videos are technically solid, understandable, and high quality. You are a gifted communicator."

J.J., Sr. Manager of Operations, NP Photonics


"A great way to present & teach Lean Six Sigma. All should find time to go through the videos."

A.C., CEO, Bissoft Technologies

"StatStuff is full of rich info that will add value to anyone's learning - new or experienced. I've been using it for weeks now. Matt is a great teacher and excellent presenter. He should be charging for those videos. Matt, thanks for putting this out there. I will recommend your site to anyone."

E.E., President & CEO, Eliason Consulting Group


"StatStuff offers high quality video lectures with user friendly interface. It is a great compilation of free videos that simplifies the industry specific benchmarking tools and concepts to the global audience. StatStuff videos enable us to judge the usefulness of these tools and ensures we keep on creating value."

A.R., Process Coordinator, M&R Consultants Corp.

"I'm such a fan of your work and your StatStuff site. I follow your video lessons and appreciate your clear no nonsense approach to Six Sigma."

J.J., SVP Ops Managed Care, AEMERUS Consulting

"StatStuff has to be one of, if not the best free resource of its kind on the internet."

A.S., Logistics Manager,
Premier InfoAssists Pvt Ltd for Gemini Corp.

"The Lean Six Sigma stuff in StatStuff is simply awesome & the best thing is it's FREE, which makes it a winner hands down any time!"

V.M., Senior Consultant, enRICH

"I use your videos all the time to help explain the concepts of Lean Six Sigma to Green belts. Your explanations are easy to understand with great visual support on each topic. Outstanding job!!!"

M.W., Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Molex Inc.

"The videos are great, easy to understand and watch. They have been extremely helpful."

T.S., Reg. Dir. of Process Improvement, Cox Ent.

"StatStuff is a fantastic resource."

L.R., Ops Foreman at Wisconsin Water Utility

"I have taught Lean Six Sigma tools for about 15 years and enjoy observing ways people teach it - StatStuff is one of the best out there. I watched every video and was very impressed. BUT when I purchased the book “Lean Six Sigma The Stat Stuff Way” and watched each video again while reading each chapter, I am really impressed! What a combination!"

R. E., Professor of Systems Engineering

"The content on this website is outstanding. Perfect for those seeking knowledge of Six Sigma and project management. Nice work!"

N.D., Regional Manager, LifeSouth Community Blood Centers


"If Matt's book is only a fraction as good as the StatsStuff videos it is worth buying!!"

P.B., Business Development Manager, ILS Limited

"I've seen and think it's great. I'd like to start suggesting to my clients that they view your website too."

D.H., Director, Orbital Training and Consulting

"Great website and content! I'm really impressed with the quality and volume of your material. Thanks for making this available."

R.F., Information Systems Support Engineer,
University of Illinois at Chicago

"StatStuff is my new favorite site! Everything that I have learned, should have learned and will review all in one place! Love it."

C.C., Director of Change Management,
Chambers Business Consultant

"StatStuff is excellent. The materials are very well produced and presented. I found the materials most useful as a review of Lean and Six Sigma tools and methodologies. I highly recommend reviewing StatStuff."

J.H., Chief, Continuous Process Improvement Office,
Joint IED Defect Organization

"The videos are great! Excellent content and very well done. I have enjoyed watching the videos and will continue doing so."

C.C., Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Genesis Energy

"Thanks a lot Matt. You made such a great effort on those StatStuff videos. They are just amazing. You are really serving humanity."

R.G., Six Sigma Instructor, ITI
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