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Certification Assessment

Certification Assessment
Price: $300.00
Excluding Sales Tax: $300.00

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This assessment includes an in-depth interview that evaluates a candidate's capability in three areas:

  • Tool Knowledge (an understanding of how to use some primary Lean Six Sigma tools)
  • Analytical Skills (the ability to statistically analyze, interpret, and evaluate data)
  • Personal Aptitude (skills in communicating, presenting info, attitude (teachable and high-energy), innovative thinking, etc.)

The assessment begins with a direct, in-depth interview with the candidate. Within 3 business days of the interview, the following will be provided: 

  • A detailed review of the candidate's qualifications in the three areas described above.
  • A composite score based on the results evaluated across the three capabilities described above.
  • If the candidate is approved, a personalized certificate and badge that validates the candidate's approved assessment. 

Who can benefit from this assessment?

Since Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training and certifications are not centrally managed or governed by any organization, it can be very difficult to assess if a person with a LSS cert is legitimately skilled and qualified in LSS. An independent evaluation by a Master Black Belt (MBB) in LSS (like from StatStuff) can be a valuable confirmation of a candidate's LSS capabilities. Who can benefit from this kind of assessment?

  • Hiring managers and HR recruiters who need assistance in evaluating a candidate's LSS capabilities.
  • Candidates who already have a LSS cert and want to further validate their LSS skills to set themselves apart from other unskilled candidates with a LSS certification.

The assessment badge and certificate are personalized to the candidate and can be provided as a digital image at no additional cost. A printed original, signed copy of the certificate may be ordered separately for an additional fee.

How does this assessment process work?
Upon ordering the assessment, you will be contacted to schedule an online interview (e.g., Skype or WebEx). A couple days before that interview, a file will sent to you with some sample data and instructions for the interview. During the interview, you will be expected to analyze the data using whatever tools or resources you want. Since the data will be sent to you before the interview, you are allowed to analyze the data in advance and demonstrate those results during the interview. There's no obligation to do any analysis on the data before the interview, but you're welcome to do so anyway.  

In the interview, you'll be given the chance to share your computer desktop and walk through how you would analyze the data according to the provided instructions. The exercise is a way for the interviewer to hear & see how you analyze data, observe what tools & methods you use, how you interpret the results and draw conclusions, what you recommend for next steps, etc. So in the interview, you'll be doing most of the talking while the interviewer may ask questions along the way to help assess your tool knowledge, analytical skills, and personal aptitude. Interviews generally take up to 30 minutes.

After the interview, the results and conclusions will be compiled and provided to you and whomever purchased the assessment (if purchased by someone other than you). If the assessment grants you an "approved" status, you will be emailed a certificate and badge customized with your name to validate your approval.

How can I study or prepare for the assessment?
You shouldn't need to study in advance. The assessment is purposely designed to assess your innate skills and expertise that cannot be memorized like with an exam. A Lean Six Sigma expert (whether certified or not) knows how to analyze and interpret data, draw correct conclusions, and knows how to effectively communicate complex concepts into simple terms. That kind of expert should be able to do that on-the-fly without it being rehearsed. If you aren't certain if you have that capability, then perhaps you are not ready for this assessment until you build your expertise in Lean Six Sigma through practical application over time.

Is this assessment the same as a Lean Six Sigma certification? 
No, it's not designed to certify someone, but simply to validate that someone with existing Lean Six Sigma expertise truly has the Lean Six Sigma skills beyond a piece a paper that may have been easily attained by some less reputable training organizations. Someone certified in LSS and who has LSS expertise should be able to get easily approved by this assessment. But someone who just passed a LSS exam and doesn't have real-world application of LSS or in leading projects or teams will likely flounder around and reveal what little experience they have in LSS. 

What if I have more questions about this assessment?
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this assessment.


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