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Hannah and DMAIC Methodology (part 1 of 2)

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The doctor said my 5 year old daughter Hannah had arthritis in her leg and yet it had a very surprising root cause. This bizarre medical issue is one of my favorite ways to describe Lean Six Sigma's DMAIC methodology.

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One of my favorite ways to describe the DMAIC methodology for Lean Six Sigma is using a bizarre example of when my 5 year old daughter Hannah had arthritis.  One day she complained about a pain she felt in her leg. Her leg looked fine and she said she didn't fall or bump it, so we thought she was just being a typical 5 year old hypochondriac.  But as the day progressed, she kept complaining about it, and at one point, I watched her limping down the stairs when she didn't even know I was watching her. Then later that evening she began crying in pain saying she couldn't bend her leg.  

Naturally we were very concerned because we had no idea what was causing this pain.  So we took her to the doctor to get her examined. The doctor asked about her medical history and if there was any incident that led to her feeling this pain. Finally the doctor concluded that the pain she was feeling was from having arthritis.  

Arthritis?!  In a 5 year old?!  We thought that was crazy.  But the doctor actually suspected something else was the root cause for the arthritis.  

Do you know what it was?  It wasn't growing pains.  And there was no injury or any kind of medical history causing it. Can you guess what it is?  

Again, it's a great example of how the root cause of something can be very different from the symptoms being felt.  To find out what it was, check out part 2 and I'll further explain how this story applies to the DMAIC methodology for Lean Six Sigma.

Matt Hansen

Matt is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt who has led and consulted on hundreds of continuous improvement initiatives for over 20 years across several industries such as Government (Dept. of Defense), Insurance, Telecommunications, Transportation, Finance, and Higher Education.  He has developed and led enterprise Lean Six Sigma Training and Mentoring Programs at two billion-dollar organizations and has been credited with influencing a continuous improvement culture across the organization. The savings from the projects he has led well exceed $120 Million.

For more details about Matt's experience, you can check out his profile and connect with him on LinkedIn.  If you'd like to use Matt for consulting or speaking engagements, please contact him here.


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